About Us

Silverwynde Properties, Inc. is a successful Holding and Property Development company that has been operating in Langley, BC since 1988.  In over 27 years in business, the company has completed many development projects including single family houses, townhouses, apartment buildings and Commercial properties throughout the Province of British Columbia.  Silverwynde Properties Inc. successfully completed the Sub-division of approximately 1100 homes, both as solo developer and in joint venture with Wallmark Homes and the Sur-Lok Group.

In addition to the residential division, Silverwynde Properties, Inc. has several Commercial Leasing Properties which include designing and constructing a 33,000 square foot (concrete tilt up) commercial property in Langley, BC as well as the purchase and holding of a 4.5 acre commercial warehouse property at the corner of 96th and 203rd Street (lots 1 through 3).

Silverwynde Properties Inc. was founded by John Tilstra.  Tilstra, President and majority shareholder for Centra Construction Group Ltd., has directed the company to be British Columbia’s major Restorations and Window Manufacturing Company.  Specializing in energy retrofit and exterior cladding for Builders and Homeowners, Centra is an Employee Owned and operated company which has strategically combined its expertise to encompass both New Construction and Restorations; focusing primarily on wood frame construction buildings.

Recent Project List:

Zetter Place – Langley, BC

Lily Terrace – Fort Langley, BC

Castle Hill Development Ltd. – Langley, BC

Royal York Estates – Armstrong, BC

McBride Station – Fort Langley, BC

Wallmark Morgan Heights – Surrey, BC

Wallmark Cloverdale Ltd – Surrey, BC

Willowbrook Terrace Ltd. – Langley, BC

Robertson Ranch Estates – Langley, BC

Woodrow Lane – Langley, BC

Latoria Rise – Victoria, BC

Commercial Silverwynde Properties – Langley, BC

  • Port Kells Centre – 202A Avenue, Langley, BC
  • Commercial Space – 96 Avenue, Langley, BC

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